Warranty promise:

The product will enjoy a one-year warranty period from the date the commissioning of the product has proven acceptable.


Commissioning service:

After the product arrives at the client's site, we will send technical personnel to work with the client for installation and commissioning, and train the operators and maintenance personnel of the client. Our technical personnel will leave the client's site after client's acceptance and signature.


Training service:

If the client sends its employees to receive training at our company, we will arrange for highly skilled personnel to train them and issue certificates to those who pass the examination. Generally, the training period is one week, during which period we will make arrangements for board and lodging.


Maintenance service:

Within the warranty period, if any problems that arise during client's use of the product still cannot be solved under our remote assistance, we will send our technicians to the site for solving the problems within 72 hours upon receiving client's notification. If the problems are not caused due to client's operation, we will provide such service free of charge.


Lifelong service:

After the warranty period expires, our company will offer lifelong service to all contract-honoring clients and timely provide clients with spare parts, products and technical service at the most favorable price.


File service:

After the contract is implemented, we will establish files for clients, which include sales contracts, technical parameters, production task forms, commissioning reports and acceptance forms, relevant technical drawings, etc.



The above service promises only apply to domestic clients. Overseas clients shall bear all overseas costs.


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